Thursday, November 04, 2004

don't mourn, organize.

as i sit here listening to this idiot of a president gloat over - oops, i mean speak at - his 14th (only 14! is he that afraid?) press conference, i am feeling this immense frustration over my inability to get up and scream at him. at him, and at the millions and millions of americans who thought that 'moral values' were the most important factor in this election and who decided to vote for this jackass. how is it that so many people can be wrong? i can't remember feeling such a disheartening feeling over something that is so far removed from directly affecting me. by re-electing w (and his flunkies in congress) we have affirmed that we are continuing on this downward spiral that was started four short years ago. at least three new supreme court judges will be appointed by this man. four more years of our redundant battling in iraq will be funded by this man. hundreds, if not thousands, of our young men and women will, in the next few days or weeks, be running blind into the streets of fallujah for this man's bizarre ambition.

ahh yes, but here comes the most important part. don't mourn, organize. we can't just sit here and bitch about how we lost. i know i have way to much angry energy to do that. i'd go crazy just sitting, waiting, watching. we need to stop this downward spiral. we need to speak up and let those fuckers know that this is not what we want. that this is not how our country should be run. that we cannot, in good conscience, live contently in a country that is run by an imperialistic, domineering jackass of a president.



Anonymous said...

I am inspired!

I am going to start with my spice rack and then go to the kitchen cabinets and then my pile of bills and ORGANIZE!

mandy said...

ha ha. at least it's a start... i mean really, how can you fix the country if you can't even find the mustard seed?