Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Future Wife

Minus some of the materialistic crap this chicks profile matches Mandy pretty close. It is kind of a weird sneak peek at my wife in a few years.

It is spooky what you find when you start looking at the similarities in the profiles on blogspot. Are we so homogenized by mass media that we all like the same shit?

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mandy said...

yes, that is pretty close. i think that we (yes, that includes you too), whether we want to admit it or not, do belong to a certain 'culture', even if that 'culture' is less mainstream/pop culture than most. i'm not sure that it's all because of mass media, alhtough that may have something to do with it. i think it's more of a reaction to mass media - an alternate mass media, if you will. if we were all homogenized by mass media then we'd all be supporting george w and paying attention to fox news and the rest of the "liberal" media.