Friday, November 12, 2004

Too tired

The more you try to help people the more they resent you. This election was a perfect example of that. It's time for all of us that have tried to be enlightened and sensitive to the needs of the working poor and the disenfranchised to stop. They don't want our pity or our help. They will defund your programs, mock you, call you names, and vote against the programs that try to help them. The tax cuts are going to result in the boomers getting no Social Security, but so long as they save a couple bucks now, they can't be bothered. Their companies sure as hell aren't going to hold their promises for the retiree's but they can't be bothered.

I say fuck them. I am sick of the boomers anyways. They can take their Vietnam and their Woodstock and their consumer bullshit lifestyles and put it where the sun don't shine. When they want health care and their Social Security benefits in a decade I say let's call them liberal pussies and tell them to invest in the stock market. Same goes for poor hillbillys around the country that hate the poor not realizing they are the poor. Let them wallow in their filth. Eat your McD's and smoke your cancer sticks. Plug into TV and shut the Fuck up.

I say lets be as selfish and pig headed as the rest of the nation. I am thinking I should start a company making military weapons. Thats all that this nation seems to care about, so I say lets help them and get rich off of it.

Sorry I am tired of not understanding this elections and I am done with it.

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