Thursday, November 11, 2004

turkey & gravy soda? yes, soda.

not only that, but fruitcake soda, cranberry soda (okay that one makes a little sense), mashed potato and gravy soda, and last not certainly not least, green bean casserole soda. just in time for the holidays. jones soda rocks.

and they're sold out! how can that be? i'm actually kinda bummed. i really want to know what turkey & gravy soda tastes like. i guess i'm a glutton for odd food punishment. i'm the type of person who'll eat garlic ice cream just to see what it tastes like (and to be able to say i've tasted garlic ice cream - chocolate garlic ice cream, actually, and out of a cantaloupe no less).

i've gotten on their mailing list so i'll be the first to know about next year's batch.

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