Wednesday, December 08, 2004

got ads?

i hate when i realize that advertising works. i like to think that i am somewhat immune to the constant advertising thrown in my face and that i am able to form my own opinions and decide what to buy based on the facts and my personal likes and dislikes. that i cannot be molded by media moguls who think that they can sway large populations to buy their product simply based on a "good ad." i'm better than that, darn it!

and then i see it. the swanky new johnny rockets ad on the side of the bus on the way to work. a giant milkshake cruising with public transportation down 124th st. and it hits me: i want nothing more than to go to johnny rockets and get a milkshake! and not only a milkshake, but a burger and fries too! mind you, this is at 7:30 in the am - not a normal time for food cravings such as these... and at that moment, that exact time when i'm wiping the drool off my chin, i realize it: i'm weak.

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