Tuesday, December 28, 2004

holidays and christmas and families, oh my!

as much as i enjoy the holiday spirit and the giving and the many many reasons i have to give thanks, i'm glad its over. why?

  • i'm glad that i don't have to fight the commercialism (as much) for another 10 months.
  • i'm glad that i don't have to explain anymore how even though my family celebrated x-mas and hanukkah, we don't really celebrate either anymore as a family and i never really was religious and i'm definitely not now. but i'm still allowed to put up a tree and light candles. and that's okay and stop giving me that funny look.
  • i'm glad that the singing old navy ads and christmas music are gone.
  • i'm glad that i don't have to smile pretty and pretend to be comfortable and laugh off inappropriate comments/uncomfortable silences that family members make when everyone gets together.
  • i'm glad that people can stop bitching about how the spirit of christmas is gone. i mean really, what is the "spirit of christmas" anyway? if it's a feeling of giving and thankfulness and a time when families and friends get together and smile and laugh and eat, then really it's still there - just take a good look inside yourself and your friends; if you still can't find it, then you need to really rethink about what its all about.
  • did i mention that i'm glad the singing old navy ads are gone?
  • i'm glad that the winter solstice passed and now every day is getting a little bit longer. each minute puts more warmth in my heart.
  • i'm glad that i can hole up in my house with my wonderful husband and not do anything and not answer phone calls and really just ignore the world for a few days.
don't get me wrong - i love the holiday season and i love getting people gifts and having fabulous dinners with fabulous people, but i'm also glad when its over too.

thank you to everyone for a wonderful holiday season... now bring on summer!

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