Monday, January 03, 2005

tsunami trois

bodie - i'm glad you've changed your mind a bit from the original tsunami post. i was a little surprised by the angry/elitist tone. many of these people have nowhere else to live; are the usgs folks and other "scientists" from developed nations making treks down to the impoverished areas of indonesia to warn them about the possibilities of earthquakes and tsunamis? sure it's common knowledge to you and i but try and convince someone from sri lanka who makes $850/year that he should up and move his home simply beacuse there's a chance that a giant wave could come and wipe out his home and his family? it's hard enough to convince stupid rich folks to move thier homes out of the malibu canyons when they have mudslides and debris flows every year!

so yes, donate. i'm trying to organize a collection from my employer, hopefully the stingy bastards will step up.


Anonymous said...

i truly am a heartless bastard

mandy said...

no you're not.