Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Yet another reason to go cast iron

The EPA is charging Dupont with hiding evidence that a chemical used to produce Teflon is a carcinogen, is persistent within humans worldwide, and does not appear to be metabolized by the body. I am not going to give up my Teflon pan for eggs, but here another reason to avoid this stuff and go old school.

I keep waiting for the EPA to find something wrong with
stuff cooked in the microwave. I know it's silly, but I just don't trust those things.

(I love how you can search any word and add "conspiracy" and sure enough you find some wacko willing to build a page about it)


mandy said...

And how if you google "supercharger knitting pattern" you end up at a Harry Potter knit-a-long page where the smallest details of the latest Harry Potter scarves are discussed. They are nice scarves though.

Do you like the small font? I think it may be too small to read.

Bodie said...

I prefer this font (times) to the default (???), but you're right, it is a bit small.