Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Blog surfing

Turns out old mr. Braff has a blogspot. Just bought the garden state DVD as well as the kids in the halls brain candy off of amazon. I am super stoked to see both of them, but i got the free shipping so it may be a while.

I am also struck that there are a lot of sex blogs out there. I just don't think I could be that sharing on the internet, but thats just me. I am sure the people that know us and read our blog are glad for that. I also hit a blog with a gay guy that posted pictures of his penis, but I lost the link to that one. I am certain I am not that sharing and I am cedrtain all involved are glad.

I also have to say I am struck by the number of people using that black blog template with no mods. I find that format hard to read and I have gotten so I don't look at those. I am sure we won't win any contests, but I think we have done a decent job customizing our colors and template enough that it is unique. Html is not that tough people and a few custom touches can really set your blog apart.

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