Tuesday, February 08, 2005

end of the day

Ten things I learned about this narrow strip of Arkansas in the last four hours:
1. It's pretty dang flat.
2. It being winter, the lack of leaves on the massive amounts of trees make it seem kinda creepy.
3. For some strange reason, it's okay to not serve beer at a Mexican restaurant.
4. It's okay to wear a giant cowboy hat.
5. There is a distinct lack of good radio stations (they do however have a NPR station).
6. People here like Jimmy Buffet. A lot.
7. Thai food is not considered one of the four food groups.
8. It's a lot marshier than I thought, which adds a bit to the creepiness.
9. The no smoking stickers I am used to in rental cars are not only absent, but an additional ashtray is provided.
10. They really do talk different.

Another thing: I'm driving down the freeway and one of the exits to another freeway has a sign above with the letters HC in a red circle with a line through it. What does that mean? Handsome Canadians? Happy clowns? Hamburger cactchers? Harrumphing cacti? What is it that is not allowed in Little Rock?


Bodie said...

Could it be hazardous cargo?

mandy said...

Well now that would be logical, wouldn't it?

mandy said...

I'm gonna stick with the Canadians though.

Almostgrace said...

It means "No Hippie Camping".

scotty said...

no Heady Cripplers