Monday, February 07, 2005

The moist-maker

Sorry to get all Ross Geller on you about the Abu Ghraib thing, but I apparently still feel some rage related to the elections this fall.

I guess I just need to stop watching Michael Moore films and tune in

To make up for it heres a puppy!!!!!!!


Almostgrace said...

i needed a puppy after that statement!

countjrg said...

In addition to the puppy and watching FOX, I also recommend you watch “FARENHYPE 911.”

Bodie said...

I would like to see the farenhype 911. I haven't heard anything about it. I am not a Michael Moore fan because I find he runs off on tangents rather than following the story, and he goes for knee jerk actions rather than making a case. If it just exists however to discredit Moore then I take the why bother position.

I feel the meat of the story should have been centered on the lack of connection between iraq and 911, the lies that lead us to war, and the money trail between the various interested pareties. The Bush/Saudi connection is documented well beyond Moore and it is entirely clear to me that there is no mystery why Bush has instigated a civil war in the nation that holds the second largest oil reserve in the world resulting in the inflation of gas prices which have benefitted the Saudis (and therefore the Bush's) immensely. Bush has also ignored the fact the american support of the Saudi monarchy has resulted in the oppression of the Saudi people resulting in terrorism on american soil (remember 911? Those were Saudis not iraqis or even afghanis).

I truly believe that we as a nation have committed numerous crimes against humanity during this "war on terror" and that Bush is largely responsible. I can only hope for the day that he is brought before a war crimes tribunal.