Tuesday, February 15, 2005

see my vest

Isn't it beautiful??? It's my first ever real garment. I'm so proud of me. Next I'm planning on a felted bag. I've got jury duty summons on Thursday, so I'm assuming I'll have some good time to work on it.

Do you ever notice the colored ribbons (no, not these ribbons) tied to trees along off-road trails? In Cali they were either survey markers where new roads were going and trees to be cut down or they were put there by hunters to lead their hunter friends to the good spots. It was always tradition for hippie kids like us to pull them off. But up here I'm not sure what they are for. We tried to find some hot springs last weekend and thought maybe they were marking the main road but then there were a few different colors and we never found the hotsprings. It was pretty tragic.


Noir Muse said...

Your vest rocks! It looks great. I've always wanted to wear that kind of sweater thingie, but it never ever looked right on me.

mandy said...

Thanks! I'd never really worn a sweater vest before either so it was quite a risk knitting one, but it worked out! And it's super warm too.