Wednesday, February 09, 2005

two nights in arkansas

Dry county?!?! Why would anyone want to live in a dry county? That sounds pretty silly to me. Who thinks that is a good idea? Although it has answered my question why there was no beer at the Mexican restaurant last night. And let me also say that when the sun comes out the Arkansas landscape looks significantly less creepy, and actually quite nice.

Here are more things I've learned about Arkansas:
11. Starbucks is not considered one of the four food groups.
12. I think that the four food groups here consist of meat, potatoes, and waffles. Yes, waffles. These "Waffle Houses" are almost as prolific here as Starbucks are in the west. I have yet to enter a Waffle House but I imagine that the walls and tables are all made of waffles. Mmmmmm.... waffle house.
13. Yellow ribbon magnets are more prolific than the Waffle Houses.
14. Being on central time is pretty crappy as far as watching TV goes.

But for all that, I do need to say that the people here are by far some of the nicest people as a whole that I have yet to encounter. Either they are genuinely nice, or they're damn good at faking it. The lady taking my lunch order seemed really concered that I didn't know the size of the sammich and would order too much food. The waitress at dinner offered me a refill on my tea to go. The director of the archives department at UCA sat down with me for almost an hour talking about the history of my sites.


greyguitar said...

Ah, the humor in all of this is making me cry. You should definitely check out a Waffle House. It's incredible how many ways you can eat hashbrowns. And they have jukeboxes.

If you move further east to my 'neck of the woods' in SC we have BOTH Waffle Houses and Starbucks. A whole new world.

mandy said...

Jukeboxes and hash browns! That's all you had to say! I am so there.

Almostgrace said...

Ah the South. Sweet tea, hospitality and denial.

Noir Muse said...

I've visited a dry county before - it gave me the shivers