Monday, February 28, 2005

Underground comedy

We went and saw some live comedy Saturday night and it was a frickin blast. We saw 4 comics plus a host with some decent jokes. The headliner was Cris Clobber. He was pretty funny and he wasn't afraid to tell an unpopular joke. His impressions included things like a pirate with a nicotine eye patch, and yoda after pounding a bottle of tequila. It was a good time.

Saturday was also the 11th anniversary of comedian Bill Hicks death. The link will take you to some Bill Hicks videos. He was a pretty funny guy and he died (cancer)just as he was about to make it big. Denis Leary essentially based his act on Bills tamest material, especially the whole smoking thing. That was all Bill which Leary stole.

Think of me as Chomsky with Dick jokes.
Bill Hicks

I hadn't had shit beer in a while, and I had forgotten how little flavor there is. The bar at the club had Miller High Life of special so I got one of those and it was the closest thing to water I have had in quite a while.It made MGD seem like it was a decent beer. I had never realized that there was a significant difference between the two,but there is. I find it amazing that Miller makes a beer so bad that MGD is an improvement. We got to thinking that if you really wanted to get drunk cheap and fast the High Life would be the way to go cuz it goes down so easy. I am sure the hang over would be awful, but hey they are never good are they? I have to say that I love the Miller High Life logo. The girl on the moon emblem is prenty cool.

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