Friday, March 18, 2005

no, leslie, not an anal probe :)

I was going to post something about the horrors of the ANWAR drilling passing through congress but I think Merce did an excellent job and I'll leave that one to her.

So instead I'll post about this site:
make an on-line snowflake. Have we gotten that dependent on computers and the internet that we can't even sit down and make a snowflake with real paper and real scissors? It's sad.

Yeti Sports is a crack up. Take the time to register – it's worth it. I especially like the orca slap.

Kinda gross, but following are a few shots of inside my shoulder, if you care to see. If not, don't scroll down. The doc told me what each one was but I can't remember now very well so you'll have to guess. I think the last one is of a shot glass that somehow got lodged in there.


brainhell said...

I hope your shoulder is feeling better now. Some of these shots are very intimate.

mandy said...

Thanks! It's feeling much better now that I can move it around.