Wednesday, March 16, 2005

there's money in that banana stand

I saw on the back of a co-worker's van a decal that said "Whiptastic Traction Control." Whiptastic? I’m not sure I want my traction control to be Whiptastic.

Bodie hasn't posted in a while because he is sick. Now Bodie doesn’t get sick all that often (once every few years), but when he does, he really makes up for it. Last time he got sick we ended up at the hospital getting his appendix out. So he's stuck in bed for a few days, and the one-armed wife is attempting to take care of him. We're a pretty sorry couple. The house is a mess, we're quickly running out of clean dishes, and the dog is pissed because neither of us want to walk her. Arrgh.

I heard the new Audioslave yesterday and Chris is singing something about "being yourself." Come on! Be yourself? What happened here? The music is great but the lyrics are pretty wussy.

And I also heard the new Nine Inch Nails yesterday too. It'’s a pretty good song, but I don't feel the attachment to their music as I once did. Had I heard that song 5-10 years ago, I'd probably turn it up loud enough to blow my crappy speakers and yell along with the windows down, chain smoking (with the heater on full blast so I don’t freeze to death).

What does this mean? Am I growing up? Holy shit. Excuse me while dust off Pretty Hate Machine. I need to go for a long drive.

That's whiptastic!


Noir Muse said...

Oh, I know. I'm on my second box of Samoas. Those girl scouts and their moms totally rely on peer pressure to push those cookies. Don't kids these days have D.A.R.E. anymore? :)

Almostgrace said...

I remember swearing that I would be the only mom blaring Bad Religion when I picked up my kids at school. I lost my angst and didn't even notice it.

Sadly, we are growing up. I actually told Adam to turn the music down the other day! Ahh!

Now that you mention it, I could go for a little "Head Like a Hole".