Monday, March 21, 2005

warning! girly post ahead.

This morning I decide that I want to look pretty and girly today, so I throw on a skirt. It's pretty rare that I wear a skirt that actually shows my legs, so this is quite an occasion. So my legs are scary white and its pretty cold outside so I also put on some nylons. Now I can't stand wearing hose that has a waistband so I buy thigh-highs, but I don’t own a garter belt, so I get the kind with the sticky stuff on the top inside. So now I'm hot shit, right? Got my skirt and my boots and I'’m by far the prettiest here today. By far.

Around noon, I walk to the fridge to get my sandwich made by my lovely husband this morning. On the way back, I feel the left hose slipping a bit. Hmmm, that's never happened before… I hurry back to my cube and pull it back up. I walk back to the kitchen to fill up my water bottle, and there it goes again. Now it's not simply slipping a little, it's almost down to my knee. Bad news. I get my water and shuffle (taking the less-traveled path) back to my cube, where I realize that the sticky is almost all gone.

So now I am the prettiest here but I'm stuck at my desk because if I even go over to the copier, my thigh-highs will be dropping over my boots. No one will be able to enjoy my prettiness! Shit! I may take them off and brave the working world hose-less. And really, the space between the bottom of my skirt and the top of my boots is about one inch, max. But now I know I really need a garter belt. Not only are they super sexy but they're apparently functional too.


greyguitar said...

Thank you for making me laugh--out loud.

mandy said...

No problem! I'm glad someone got enjoyment out of my hose-capades!

griz said...

i have that same problem at work all the time!!though the guys in the shop are usually laughing too hard at my skirt to even notice the hose... (i have found though that leg hair helps to hold them up).

iBrett said...

Very entertaining. Oddly, it was the title that caught my eye.