Tuesday, June 07, 2005

such nice knitters!

Thanks everyone for your wonderfully nice comments about the hat. I normally don't get knitters looking at the page, so I didn't even think to post the project details. Everyone else, feel free to ignore this post.

The pattern is Shedir from the
breast cancer awareness special issue of knitty. (Here's another link if the first one doesn't work.) The yarn is a periwinkle blue Rowan Calmer. Normally I cry at the cost of Rowan but the pattern only requires one ball so I was justified in "splurging." The pattern was easy to follow and the yarn is fabulous! I cabled without a needle(!), resulting in only a few dropped stiches and some cursing on the plane. It was really fun to make even though it took a ridiculously long time for a hat. Eventually I'd like to make another for me, but I think I'll take a cabling break for a little while. Hmmmm... can you say clapotis???


Angela said...

Oh Dear, the Clapotis has got you too?! Well, who am I to talk...I am thinking of jumping on the bandwagon too! If you do it, can't wait to see the yarn you choose!

mandy said...

You know, when I first saw it on knitty I didn't like it at all, but seeing everyone's finished they just look so beautiful and cozy... It's irresistable! I'm eyeing the MalAbrigo Hand-Dyed Merino; it's super soft...