Wednesday, July 13, 2005

darlin don't you go and cut your hair

I’m a punctuation freak. I’m not afraid of the semicolon; I know the proper use of a comma. I cringe when I see an apostrophe in the wrong place. I pretty much hate it when people use the period gratuitously. It’s often used by bloggers to place an emphasis on each word, as if you were speaking slowly to really make a point. So the fact that I’m using it here must mean that I’m serious. And I am. Really. I have found The. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Google Earth.

You’ve really got to hand it to the people at google. Download the program, and waste a day playing with it. It’s like an aerial photograph database of the whole world, but in 3D. You can zoom in to Mt St Helens and then tilt it so you can see it in three dimensions. You can find the Grand Canyon and zoom down into the canyon to follow the river up to Glen Canyon Dam. You can make the buildings in some cities 3D and see a skyline from any vantage point. Go check out Tokyo. Spend some time in Johannesburg. Look for the spot where they’re building Three Gorges Dam. It rocks!

And oh yeah, I got a haircut yesterday. The first haircut I’ve had in a couple years that I’m really happy with. Holly at
Bella Sirena in Kirkland is awesome. I got rid of the highlights and I’m totally embracing my inner brunette. Yay!


Merce said...

I like your Pavement reference! Now that you have it stuck in my head, I think I need to hear it.

Angela said...

Ken heard about Google Earth two days ago and hasn't stopped talking about it since... I must check it out!