Thursday, September 29, 2005

M: lost again

I can't help it. There's quite a few people in the office who, like me, are hoplessly addicted to Lost. And though last night's episode was a little slow, there was still a lot going on. In the conversations I've had today, we've come up with a few points that I hadn't realized before.

  • Hurley owns the box company that Locke worked for. I didn't know that!
  • The logo seen on Desmond's jumper and all the food was also seen imprinted on the tail of the shark that attacked Sawyer.
  • Hurley apparently told the snowman joke in Season 1.
  • The bag that Mike was carrying the polar bear stuffed animal in before he gave it to Walt had the Oceanic Airlines logo on it.

So what does all this mean? Am I getting too wrapped up in this? Is Hurley the one Desmond is waiting for? Clearly, somehow everyone is connected. The coolness of this show is figuring out how. B mentioned (and I totally agree) that that it's a little bit Twin Peaks-esque in that each character has a giant background story that is let out in pieces. (It's just not quite as trippy as Twin Peaks was, but this way it attracts a bigger audience and we get more episodes...) Good stuff.

Any other insights I'm missing?


Angela said...

Is that why you had to leave knitting early ;) I have heard GREAT things about that show!!

mandy said...

Yeah, you got me. It's partly because of Lost (although so far the new episodes don't start until 9) and partly because I absolutely love spending the evening cooking and having dinner with my hubby; coming home at 9 just doesn't lend enough time to do that... :)

janXknits said...

Oh girl, you have just touched the tip of the iceberg.

In the flashback where Jack had to "save" one of two people- he ended up saving his future wife. The man he left die? Shannon's father. The time he was pronounced dead? 8:15. Their flight number 815.

The sum of the numbers Desmond needs to key into the computer are not only Hurley's winning lotto numbers but the sum of those numbers is 108. 108 minutes is the time interval between having to re-enter the numbers.

My theory is that Locke has done this before. It is some sort of time loop. Last season he would predict it would rain and an exact moment. Last night's episode, the told Kate that "this is the way it has to be." when Kate protested getting tied up.

The comic book Walt was looking at was in Spanish, but had a picture of a polar bear in it as well.

It goes on and on...

Bodie said...

I thought the polar bear was the result of Walt because he can make things happen. He made a butterfly appear just like one from a text book he was reading during the flash back where Mike comes and gets him in Australia.