Monday, October 10, 2005

B: I want to be like Mao?

Our friend the count had a post on this silly quiz that through a series of leading questions was supposed to define your political tendencies. I came up as a "strong democrat" while Mandy came up as a "socialist" (like these things really means something). The interesting thing, and this is probably related to the traffic on this particular site is that the quiz maker has correlated peoples politcal tendencies with who you voted for in the last presidential election. The diagram shows that the Kerry voters are pretty solidly localized to the lower right democrat/socialist quadrant, while Bush carried the other three quadrants of libertarians, capitalists, facists, and republicans (is there a difference?). The info I gleamed from this plot is that there are a lot more republican voting people out there than there are republicans. There are apparently a lot of people that are not ideologically in line with the Republican party that voted for Bush. Given Bush carried less than 51% of the popular vote, I think this is really hopeful because it shows that the Democrats are a majority party that simply needs to better integrate the interests of the political minority. Integrating minority interests is what the democrats specialize in, so that shouldn't be so hard should it? i wonder if it was purposeful that the maker of the quiz set the plot up to graphically display "democrats and socialists" as a minorityof the diagram, or if this is just the way that the plot ended up with the bulk of americans plotting in this quadrant.

It's scary how often Revolutionary leaders become corrupt murderers, isn't it. I would love to read an analysis of why this happens.


Bodie said...

Of course the assumption of this post is that of a typical liberal that everybodies opinion and political views are valid based on their own particular life experience. I am rapidly getting over that though. It is a difficult thing dealing with the death of idealism.

countjrg said...

LOL! I love it!