Friday, October 21, 2005

B&M: fetcher la vache!

Bonjour! We have successfully navigated our way to an internet cafe and are slowly working through this wacky keyboard. The city is beautiful but exhausting; it is taking most of our energy simply figuring out how and where to eat! No pictures for you, mes amis, as we left the camera cord chez nous, in the US. No need to worry though, we are taking tons and will have a virtual cornucopia when we return.

Saw Notre Dame this morning, and the Arc De Triumph last night - both were more spectacular than I had ever imagined. Planning to hit the Eiffel Tower this evening, and maybe the Lovre tomorrow. Much cafe sitting and wine sipping as well. Did we mention the wine is cheaper than soda?

Hope Luna (and the cats too, I suppose) are doing well... The search for the *bux is a bit tougher than expected, but we will find one!

Au revoir!!!


greyguitar said...

Ah, as I sit and sip my *bux coffee (pumpkin spice latte!) I wish you two much fun overseas.

The Lourve--wow. Can't wait to see the multitude of pics.

Noir Muse said...

I am so (jealous) happy for you! I can only imagine the fun you are having, you (dirty little monsters) adorable kids.

I simply can't wait to see all the photos!