Tuesday, January 24, 2006

B: ...and I just did!

Mandy and I have joked that one day we will be watching TV and we will see a comercial for the parasite diet. It will be a pill that gives you (or ex-girlfriends) worms or something resulting in rapid weight loss. Maybe it would be a clinic so that it was supervised, but I think it is bound to happen.

Fortunately, we are now a step closer with this new diet drug that blocks fat. The best part of this drug is that one of the side effects is anal leakage.

"Wow Jared, you look great! How did you lose all of that weight? '

"Well Lisa, I owe it all to my diarrhea!"
It's just crazy to me. What does it take to get people to get even a moderate level of exercise? Do people really have to weight the pros and cons between either taking a brisk 30 minute walk and spending the day in a puddle of feces?


greyguitar said...

all seriousness aside, that's one of my favorite SNL skits. i recognized the shot immediately. ha.

scotty said...

little factoid: anal leakage is actually not (contrary to popular belief) diarrhea... anal leakage is actually the unpredicted expulsion of small amounts of effluent throughout the day... often times the unfortunate "leaker" is completely unaware of the cleaning they will be doing until later.

perhaps... perhaps worse than diarrhea.
(and thank you kids for learnin' me on how t' spell the werd d-i-a-r-r-h-e-a... the internet is a crazy place fer more th'n jist porn... learnin' tooo!!).