Monday, January 09, 2006

B: Sprucing things up

It's a new year and I think it is time for a color pallette change. I think the lime green has served us well but it is probably time to retire it and move on.

The staff of Cumulus will be consulting and experimenting with the colors over the next week to find a new layout that works for us. If you have any objections on to our selections based on readability, feng sui sensibility, or just hatred of a particular color, please comment here.


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susan said...

Had to comment, because while I find the stores themselves really pretentious and intimidating, they actually have an awesome website explaining what everything is.

You have to click through to each individual drink (the comparisons just list nutrition information) but it tells you everything you need to know if you have a few minutes to click around.

(Sidenote: I like that you can customize the nutrition information, down to number of pumps of syrup if you click on extras. You don't see that many places.)