Wednesday, January 18, 2006

M: rain? what rain?

Oh Cumulus, how I have been neglecting thee.

Yesterday Luna and I found ourselves on a small road trip for my work that took us west:

See that? Blue sky and puffy clouds! It ended up being a glorious afternoon. One of my sites was only about 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean (which, by the way, I hadn't seen in person since last spring), so I made an executive decision to go check out the beach. Luna thought that was an excellent idea:

(Can you see her? She's that little black speck in the meadow. The ocean is just beyond the dunes.) The swell was giant. I tried to grab a picture but it was so far out that the picture doesn't do it justice, but here it is anyway:

We played in the dunes for a while and watched the surf and eventually headed back home. One of the few perks of doing business with big oil - there are gas stations everywhere!

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