Tuesday, February 21, 2006

B: It's all so dark sided!!!!

It has been just over a week since the final Arrested Development episodes aired and I am just now really starting to mull it all over. I am bummed about the way Fox treated the show and the audience because it was a good show that they made very difficult to watch. Fox has a recent history with developing really cool shows and then killing them with shedules changes and unrealistic expectations. A few good ones that died a quick death that I remember were:

The Tick
The Andy Richter Show
Family Guy (resurrected)

I am sure there were others that I don't even remember. If Gilmore girls, Everybody Loves Raymond, or Wife Swap (wish that really was what it sounds like) can run forever why can't an occasional clever intellectual show be allowed to run a couple of seasons? Can't they just throw us intellectual elitists the occasional bone of semi-watchable TV programing that doesn't require being begged for contibutions every other month. The worst part of the Arrested Development finale was that they tried to tie up a bunch of the loose ends of the story line in one choppy episode to give it some natural breaking point rather than just giving us one good last episode. I thought the final episode sucked and that bums me out.

No more AD is one less reason to turn on the TV and I guess I should thank FOX for that.

PS what is with the first season of Twin Peaks being realeased on DVD but but not the second season?? You buy half of the show and you don't ever get to find out who killed Laura Plamer!! First they cancel the show and now they cancel the DVD of the show. Lame!

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