Friday, February 24, 2006

M: anything to bump that last post off the top...

Sorry - it was funny, but disturbing. We'll keep it, but I think that it's good that it's moving on down the page.

Our local market has a pretty decent salad bar that I hit up for lunch sometimes. When I first tried it, I was outraged that my salad cost $10. Ten bucks for salad bar? What a rip-off. Then I realized that you pay by the pound. So since then, I've been using the scientific method to determine the most effecient way to come up with a yummy (and filling) $4 salad. Lettuce - super light, load up on that. Fruit - heavy, better off buying an apple from the produce department. Turkey chunks - heavy, you really don't need the processed meat anyway. Grated cheese and cucumber slices - light, good for flavor. Sunflower seeds - can be heavy, but the amount that one needs for salad is small enough that it doesn't make a difference. Cherry tomatoes - a bit on the heavy side, but it's okay to throw a couple on. Crutons - surprisingly (to me), these are way light, put on a ton of crutons. Even better if they've got a variety of yummy flavors.

This has worked out pretty good for me. Yes, the salad isn't the best in the world, but it works. Pair it with a cucumber roll and some wasibi - you're stylin.

Although the other day I made a fatal error. There was a new condiment at the salad bar, and I couldn't resist. Garbanzo beans. Mmmmm... think of all the flavor they'll add... But I knew as soon as I loaded them on - big mistake, but at that point there was nothing I could do. They totally knocked me over the one pound mark.

Those darned garbanzo beans. They'll get you ever time.

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