Wednesday, May 10, 2006

B: we're not fugazi, we're not that hard core

A guy I work with brought in some older industrial music (Consolidated, Pigface[Trent pre-NIN], Revolting Cocks, ect.) for a coworker to check out and I managed to copy a few of the albums. I have found this music to be great to listen to while working. Especially Consolidated. It is really growing on me.

Even though I am not vegetarian, or straight edge, or as anti-corporate as them, and I don't believe that the Nuge is a Nazi (he's just an ass making a career out of it), I still really enjoy their entirely not-mainstream message. It is uplifting to get that little rush from a sense that revolution is possible and just around the corner. It is like reading Adbusters. Really self indulgent and ultimately exhausting, but energizing at the same.

Problem with listening to this stuff at work is that it has it's down side. My boss didn't really like being told that our annual physical was too invasive and that my cholestrol is none of their business. Sure, it was just a small stand, but I blame the industrial music, and you should too. Spend the day listening to your hard core and then find a way to stand up for yourself. It will make you feel better.

I promise.

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