Tuesday, December 19, 2006

m: we're back...?

I haven't really been posting because lately I'm just consumed with baby, and I didn't want this blog to turn into a mom-blog. I don't really have a lot else going on in my life, so baby stuff was all I could think to post about. Also, the Little One has turned out to be quite a handful, so the brief moments of calm where I could potentially post were used for more essential things, like sleep. But she is getting a little easier, day by day, and I'm having some more free time, and I'm slowly returning to a somewhat normal life (as normal as can be expected when you only get 2 to 3 hour chunks of sleep). And I also realized that I don't really care what the blog turns into - it's not as if we have this giant reader base that is going to be angry if I put up a post about poopy diapers. (And no, I never thought I'd be saying things like poopy, but really, how else can one describe a diaper full of poop? It's just so convenient.)

So I'm back (I think). I'm not making any promises, and I'm not sure if B is going to come back or not, but we'll see how this all turns out. At the very least, all you kid-less people can live vicariously through our poopy diapers.


Anonymous said...

frankly, i'm honored to live vicariously through poopy diapers.

mandy said...

sweet! poopy diapers it is!