Friday, June 15, 2007

B: wilted greens

We recently made a pasta dish from the JOC using spicy italian pork sausage, and rapini (broccoli rabe) from the farmers market and it was so amazing that we had to make it again, but we decided to try it with mustard greens instead. Wow! Was that ever a difference. The greens were tougher and so mustardy spicy that it clashed with the sausage. I haven't used mustard greens in the past and we weren't expecting it to be that strong!

This got me wondering, how does one do mustard greens properly?

On other fronts, the tomatos are rocking this year. I have some greens on the vine and hope to have ripe fruit by late july at the latest. We largely boycott those awful red orbs one buys at the supermarket because they are so bad. Waiting for the awesome home grown tomatoes makes this time of year paticularly enjoyable. Dreaming of the bruschetta to come...

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