Saturday, July 21, 2007

B: Happenings

It's been a while so I thought I might post some news and happenings.

Mandy and I were both down in S. California last week. I was there for work, but Mandy ended up coming down at the same time to be with her mother who was sick. It was great that we could both be down there with Lily to help her parents out. Her Mom is doing a lot better, and it definitely seemed like having Lily around helped distract her and brighten her up during her recovery.

Lily is now 10 months give or take a few days. She is trying to stand independently and falling a lot. She shuffles along the furniture, and manges to get into her fair share of trouble already. Crazy stuff! We make it a rule not to post pics of ourselves or Lily. Instead here are some actual lillies. These are in my front yard. They look the best that they ever have. I guess 3 years of neglect is really paying off.

We cook even more than we used to and I feel like we are both getting to be pretty decent though we still have a lot to learn. Mandy made a lemon blueberry tart while Lily napped today which I think looks super awesome. We are both stoked to cut into this sucker tonight. We just finished some homemade icecream last night. I made mexican chocolate cherry almond. It was pretty good and a bit spicy. Unfortunately I failed to grab a pic.

If we are lucky maybe Mandy will have a few free minutes some day soon and she will post about her socks....They are pretty sweet.

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