Friday, February 15, 2008

B: HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now wait and wait and wait...

We have been doing some cooking in the ghetto-Apartment. Despite working conditions I would not wish on Rachel Ray (the Barney of celebrity chefs), things have been turning out pretty good. Mandy is on a soup kick. It has been good cuz we are both reading In Defense of Food and trying to follow the guidelines.

Eat food. Not too Much. Mostly Plants.

Which means we are trying to remove ourselves from the meat centric A1B2 western plating format. Yay Soup (and salads)! Here's valentines day Split Pea Soup, Salad, and el cheapo sparkling white mimosas.

We have also been finding some pretty yummy wines.

When you are trying to not catch somebody's face in a picture, but want their outfit and the wine glass, what you really end up with is a picture that appears to be focused on their chest. I have lot's these, to the point that is a little ridiculous.

We still don't have the keys to our house despite signing the final papers three days ago. It is absolutely no wonder there are so many foreclosed homes on the market. Banks make them so difficult to buy that nobody wants to deal with it. It is frigging ridiculous! Because of their inability to reacte in a timely manner, we are losing a full weekend to work on the house before we leave the apartment. This is delay is reeking havoc on our schedule. We probably won't have a furnace by the time we have to sleep there, so we may all end up camped in the living room around the fireplace. At least it has been pretty warm lately.

Because we won't be able to paint or do anything else at the house this weekend we might drive down to Santa Cruz. We haven't been there since our wedding, so it should be fun.

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