Thursday, April 10, 2008

B: cult on cult action

I haven't really paid much heed to the Democratic National primary, because my guy was out a long time ago, and I am not overwhelmed by the choices on the table. I am however, getting to the point where the more I learn about both candidates, the more likely I am to vote for Grandpa McCain. There are numerous reasons that I want the Democrats to take the White house this time around, but honestly, I am beginning to feel like always that I don't call and none of the above would be my preference.

My biggest gripe lately, is that I was really hoping that maybe for once, we could get the religious nut jobs out of the White house. Unfortunately, it seems we will just be trading brands. Out with the southern fundamentalists, and in with the militant black church, or this crazy family group of Hillary's. I know I am not representative of the nation, but I find it real hard to believe in the competency of anybody that is deeply entrenched in militant cult like groups. If their spirituality and the teachings of their chosen prophet lead them to be more charitable and giving and respectful of the value of all human life, that is nice and I support it in a cautious way. If however, they believe that they are working for their heavenly reward, then I don't need any of that. These people tend to view their fellow man as pawns in their perceived struggle between good and evil. Enough with the fanaticism!

Can't we just end the primary, pick one of these ugly ducks and get on with the contest of Slightly confused Grandpa versus the inexperienced inter-changeable "change" candidate?

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