Friday, April 25, 2008

B: Death to the puppy music!!!

Are our reader sick to death of the puppy music yet? I hate autoplay music like that. It is alway embarassing when logging on at work.

What do you guys think?

Maybe we can get Mandy to nix the music or maybe we will just delete the puppies


The above is our current dining room table. Yes it is a redwood picnic table with benches. We are not too sure about it yet. We have a lot of choices which include:

  • Leave it alone and enjoy it as is
  • Move it to the porch and get a "real" dining room table
  • Paint it, maybe red

Suggestions? What do you all think?

1 comment:

scotty said...

picnic table: good. puppys: better (we're looking for one now...)... auto-play music: not so good... makes the page load slow...

that table looks perfect for some hotdogs and champagne...