Monday, April 07, 2008

B: What's new...

We now have fiber to the home! It is sweet. We got the 3 MB service to start with and I think it is plenty fast. My only worry is that if we don't end up getting a TV, we will blow our data cap streaming Lost and other TV from the web. I did the install for the Cat 5e cables and it worked out pretty well. I still have a couple of phone lines to restore, but everything that I put in is working.

Question: How important is it to run security on your wireless router if you aren't running a network? Shouldn't my firewall protect me? Why not share this with the neighbors if we aren't blowing our data cap?

Like I said, we ain't bought no TV yet and I feel smarterest already! We haven't decided if we are going to buy one yet, but I think we both feel like we aren't really missing anything. Once we get the main computer set-up we will have a decent place to watch DVDs and stuff, so I am not so sure we really have any need. We don't really watch sports. America's test Kitchen isn't really on prime-time, and we have seen most of the Good Eats. Scrubs isn't even back yet. Nor is heroes. What are we missing??? Runway, dancing stars, idol? I am certainly not missing it.

We finished Phase I of the kid room this weekend. It is painted and the furniture has been moved in and L spent her first night in the room last night. She woke up a few times, I think confused about where she was. I hope she'll settle in fast. Before too long we are going to have to think about a real bed for her!

Sacto is flat as F***. I guess that is not really new or news to most, but I am still finding it rough. Almost all of the good retaining walls with run-outs have barriers at the top. I have yet to find any dirt jumps or pump tracks in the random empty lots around the hood. No stair gaps or urban cross country trails like the tapeworm. There must be something already started that I could add to...

I went out for some urban riding with the Preston and found the new wheel up front to be fricking sweet! The overall weight loss on the bike has made it apparent how heavy the fork is though. I am really starting to find the balance point on the bike, but I also kind of wish i had gotten a Bottle Rocket instead of the Preston because of the longer stays on the Preston. Good for NW style cross country, not so good for urban and free-ride. Especially with the heavy front end, it has to be muscled around to get the front wheel up .

Both Downieville and Whistler will be open in May and I am already planning a trip to hit both. If you are thinking about Whistler opening day, take a look at the uBRDO bus trip. It's a right bargain and is looking to be a good time, eh!

We are super looking forward to friends coming down to visit this summer. Yay.


mandy said...

Pretty funny - when I read your first sentence the first thing I thought of was yarn, and I was wondering why you were so stoked that I found my knitting!

scotty said...

security schmecurity. just make sure you have your router set up to distribute IP's in your network... then you're computers are invisible to the world. solid.


i've had tooo many tooo manys.
goodnight and goodluck and goodriddance and goodneighborsams...

Lefty said...

ummmmmm.....huh? no idea what a too many manys is, but si senor, we are also against the cable. We got the fatty fiber optic hook up with the voip.