Tuesday, June 24, 2008

did you steal my sunshine?

Apparently we don't have summer here in CA anymore, we've got Fire Season. Sat afternoon started to smell a little smokey, and by Sunday evening there was a distinct haze in the air - I got on the internets to see what was afoot, and apparently all of northern Cal is on fire. Today smells a bit better but the sun is looking eerie and orange. It'll make for a good sunset, that's for sure.

Reason #576 why I love B:

Sorry for the crappy photo, but it's our new dishwasher! And it's in our kitchen! And it works! I'd oddly enough gotten used to our nice new kitchen appliances hanging out in our garage, not being used. But our old dishwasher kept breaking and not getting things clean and being absurdly loud, so B got fed up last weekend and decided to just install the new one now instead of waiting for the entire kitchen remodel. One afternoon and only minor amounts of cursing later, we have a pretty new Bosch that is crazy quiet. Next step: cabinets.

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