Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ee-tay ee-vay

Lets get something straight. We do not own a television. And we're kinda proud.


We don't know anyone else that has no televisions. We don't hang with an uber-cool crowd that sits around drinking cheap red wine, circled around a single candle, taking turns reading lines from Howl. In fact, we understand the draw of the television, and use all our available willpower every time we walk into Costco to stop ourselves from picking up one of those nice little 22" LCDs that they have conviently at the front of the store.

And... Up until February of this year, we did own a TV. At times we even had (gasp!) cable. And premium channels. And now, we have computers. And this new-fangled thing called "the internet." Which allows us to watch TV. And we do. Probably more than we ought. We're already up to date on the season premieres of How I Met Your Mother, and Heroes. We watch late-night at 8:00 after the little one goes to sleep. We're really looking forward to the new seasons of Pushing Dasies and Lost. And seriously, I cannot wait for the new Gray's Anatomy to come out. (There. I said it. It's out there - I love that show.) We're just always one day later than everyone else. And we don't have to sit through so many commercials. And we're not tempted by the "what's on next" question, or the inevitable "maybe there's a Law & Order on TNT."

So really, we're not cool - we're just lazy. Why would we go out and buy (and, probably more importantly, install) a new television, when we can totally make do with our internets?

Glad we got that straight.

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susan said...

I'm totally in the same boat. The Daily Show, Grey's Anatomy... if only they had the Red Sox and the NFL, I'd be set forever. :-)