Thursday, October 02, 2008


I spent the last two nights of my 20s playing with dollhouses and going to bed by 9:30pm. Sigh.

In other news, the little one's birthday picnic was a resounding success. There were 4 two-year-old girls there, all eating cupcakes and playing on the slides and falling off the picnic tables. Ahhh, good times. We didn't even get any major breakdowns until around 12:30, when the simultaneous sugar crashes started.

I was a little concerned, as on her birthday we gave her a little slice of cake and ice cream, and she ate it so dainty-like with a fork and thought it was so delicious that it all actually got in her mouth, rather than all over her face. Where's the fun in that? Luckliy she got in the spirit during the picnic and once she saw the other girls digging into the cupcakes with their hands, she was alll over it. Or more appropriately, it was all over her... Cupcake photos will follow shortly.

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