Friday, December 12, 2008

B: Guiding Lights

About 6 months ago our Internet friend Rob set your friends here at Cumulus up on a date with some strangers. It was a bit weird and very 21st century for us, but it worked out great! We met some new friends (A and M) and had a new bond with Rob.

Tonight (just now) we finally met out blog friend Rob. He was exactly what we both expected. A very nice and personable guy. A geologist with a familiar reference point and common sense of humor. I know this is virtually a common place thing now, but I am still amazed to have made a virtual friend from Atlanta and to meet them in real life here in Sacramento. It is weird and magical.

Congratulations Rob on your decision to run 2 century ultra marathons, followed by an Iron man race all in a single pair of awesome socks!!!! We will so be there to support you!

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greyguitar said...

You two were awesome too! You beat me to a good blog post. I'll have to wait until I get back. Glad we got to meet in the real world. You thought I was joking about sending socks to you.