Monday, January 12, 2009

yay for 2009!

So we’ve made it through another year. The holidays were busy but quiet, and B and I even got to have a nice, relaxed, Christmas dinner. Even had candles. Imagine that! (We'll forget that I passed out shortly after 10:00 PM on New Year's Eve. Thanks to being sober (pregnant) and sick (two-year-old child), I could barely stay awake that long.)

Even though we’ve been quiet here, things have been moving at casa cumulus. The kitchen is progressing fantastically. We’ve got countertops! And lighting! It’s all pretty amazing and finally starting to really come together. We’ve got a little more painting to do, and then we can post some ‘after’ pictures.

Another thing… It’s January, and the forecast is calling for 68 degrees today. California rocks.

Oh and please go over to our friend Rob’s blog and wish him luck on his back-to-back century runs. He says it’s “just a marathon,” but we know better. No one needs socks like his for “just a marathon.” And Rob – we’re still waiting for our socks. The Little One needs a pair too; she’s been cross training a lot these days.

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greyguitar said...

you guys crack me up.