Friday, March 13, 2009

B: Transients

I used to own this truck. I liked it. It died. Several times. I got rid of it.

I used to own this car. I loved it. It was time to have a more grown up car. I sold it.

Things come and go. The trick is learning to let go. People bitch about our culture, but that is a system of well made products. Shit that wears out fast has to be disposable. Before the iron age, everything was pretty much disposable. Plastic has become a way for us to revert to the stone age...In more ways than one probably.
Things have felt so transient lately. It is hard to keep a hold as life fleets by. The Lil one is growing so fast and getting so smart and argumentative and fun and outrageously enraging. It happens so fast.
Number 2 is on the way and we aren't ready yet. We need to paint a room, get a bassinet and get things arranged. It felt like there was so much time.

On another note, I have noticed a sharp drop in the number of transients that I see on a daily basis. Do you think the economy has become so bad that people can't afford to stand at stop lights and beg for money...because it doesn't pay anymore?

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