Wednesday, September 29, 2004

dim sum tea?

someone put some dim sum tea in the tea cabinet at work today. i wonder what dim sum tea tastes like. i was going to try it but then i realized that there was also a new jasmine tea as well - jasmine tea has no caffeine; does this mean that the new dim sum tea has no caffeine either? just in case i went with the old english breakfast standard. maybe i'll try the dim sum tea this afternoon.

it makes me wonder though, should it be served on a cart with a bunch of tea selections? or maybe when you drink it a dim sum cart appears out of nowhere. wouldn't that be great? i'll have to try it around lunchtime. i googled dim sum tea but all i got was sites telling me that an endless supply of tea is always served with dim sum - there was no mention of a particular kind of tea. hmmm... the mystery ensues.

speaking of dim sum, the earthquakes at mt st helens have ramped back up and they now say that an eruption is probable in the next few days! measurements from yesterday indicate that the dome has moved about one inch (geologically, that's pretty significant). check this page for usgs updates. very exciting!


Anonymous said...

mt. st helens is about to go five fingas on all da fools!
Hey foo dimme sum more tea!

Anonymous said...

Yo I luvs to drink Old E for breakfast too. We should kook up

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough you share a lot of profile similarities with this girl.