Friday, October 08, 2004

i was a kaleidoscope

so i had this great post that was all thoughtful and introspective and stuff but when i went to post, it got deleted. so i'm thinking that's a sign and i've decided not to take this too seriously. it's a hobby (yes, a nerdy one at that), and if people want to read it then that's okay and if noone reads it (besides you, of course) then that's okay too.

last night i was thinking how i should really take the effort and step in to the web community and make witty posts or thought-provoking political commentaries on sites like slate, and then people would know me and link to my site and stuff. but then i remembered that i couldn't really write good, and that being witty can be quite difficult at times, and i never really take the time to investigate the news (i just don't belive most news at all on general principle), so being a 'cool' blogger is pretty much out of the question. oh well.

check this guy out. he's my hero for now. check out his rants and raves section. now there's some witty posts.

"Is MacDonalds food bad for you? What do you think? Does that mean you shouldn’t eat it? No, it just means you shouldn’t live on it or anything else made by someone you wouldn’t hug."

words to live by.

so i'm headed out to beautiful leadpoint, wa next monday for a couple weeks of field work, so this most likely won't get updated 'till i get back. maybe i'll get some great pictures for y'all to see what i actually get paid to do...

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