Monday, November 29, 2004

42 votes and blogs

"now the democrats are going to make the taxpayers pay for a hand recount..."

that's a little snippet of a conversation i overheard at work today. the democrats?!?! it's 42 votes! 42 measly votes! 0.0014 percent! i sincerly hope that everyone wants a hand recount. if gregoire had come up in the lead with 42 votes, how would the republicans be okay with that? apparently they'd simply sit back and accept the fair voting system? bullshit. they would be up in arms; more so than us democrats are now, i'd bet.

it's just another disgusting example of the righties grasping out and making outrageous uninformed inflammatory comments that get attention and breed hate and injustice.

i really like al franken and his books, but man, reading them just gets me more pissed off. ignorance really is bliss. i'm starting to feel more and more helpless and discouraged. what can we do?

is it blogs? are these mostly unread corners of the web contributing to our demise? do people think that they are reaching the population by writing little snippets of thought? i see so many blogs with people pissed off at whats going on, so many sentences that start out with "we need to..." who? when? where? who will organize these masses of unmotivates bloggers?

will you?

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