Monday, November 22, 2004


So i went to this couples house to see Donnie Darko this weekend. The husband is a ferverent republican and christian and a few of his pyscho republifriends showed up. This one dude in particular ambushed me and wanted to chat about the election. This dude constantly does this everytime I see him cuz he knows I am a liberal and he wants to be some kind of bill reilly.

Him "So what did you think of the election Huh"
Me "It sucked"
"So are you suffering from post election depression?"
"(God this guy is a total fuck, where the hell is my wife?) No I wouldn't go that far, I am bummed of course but life goes on."
"I heard a lot of liberals are getting depressed and moving to Canada"

This is about the time I downed my drink and walked away. What the fuck is wrong with these guys. They make politics their sole source of interest and that is all they have to talk about. To top it off they are offensive fucks. Man I am tired of that guy. Oh well I probably won't see him for another year.

I heart gruffy!

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