Monday, January 10, 2005

Diggin the lime scene

I am really liking this current color theme. It's bright without being too offensive. What do you think?

We got a few inches of snow yesterday morning that stuck around most of the day. We took the dog out to the dog park and let her play super fun dog in the snow games. Unfortunately we didn't bring a camera.

There was a guy at the dog park with this beautiful pit bull on a leash. We spoke with him a bit and he said he wasn't sure if he could trust the dog off of the leash because he didn't "Do 'come' real well". Being the obsessive person I am about pit bulls this drove me nuts. I think pit bulls are great dogs, but 99% of them are owned by the wrong people. If you can't train a dog to come then you probably shouldn't have a dog at all let alone a very difficult dog like a pit bull. He also alluded to this dog having been in a few altercations, none of which were the pits fault (so he said).

The bottom line with pit bulls is that regardless of which dog initiated the altercation, the pit will always get the blame. They were bred for dog-dog aggression and everybody knows it. If you have a big male pit bull that you can't control very well that has a history of dog aggression why the fuck are you bringing it to the dog park? The image of a huge male pit bull that can't be trusted off leash that is acting defensively towards the off leash dogs coming at it sticks with people and does not serve the dog or the breed well.

I wish I could magically find every pit bull owned by a person like this and trade it for the dog they really wanted, an english bull dog. Here is a dog that looks intimidating that makes a decent alarm dog, that doesn't shed much, and best of all it doesn't need nearly as much exercise and isn't nearly as dangerous to itself and others.

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