Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Zen and Bike Repair

I was tempted today to add Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to my favorite books section on my profile and then I realized that I really didn't care for the book. I didn't find it to be a partiularly engaging read and to understand alot of the literary allusions you have to be a lit and philosophy major. i dislike it when books rely so heavily on allusions to classical literature, that the intentions ofthe author are shrouded from the typical reader. It did however affect my world view. There is a rather lengthy discussion in the book on the universal experience of quality and how most people have some sense of what quality is without being able to define the traits of quality.

This whole quality thing left me to start evaluating my everyday modern life and begin to sort some of the crap, from the quality. It's a tough thing to do and in some ways it has left me a bit unhappy about our society. TV is almost never a quality experience. In most instances you have to drop quite a bit of cash on things with a quality touch and feel and look. If you can find them at all.

Is bloggging a quality experience? What is the point of this?


Almostgrace said...

I forgot the feeling of playing with a dog in the snow until I read your blog. This is why we blog.

Bodie said...

I mostly blog from work so it's not really like there is a negative trade off in doing the blog, but I was just wondering if this is really an effective form of communicating.

Thanks for your comment. It is nice to know that these things reach people.