Friday, February 04, 2005

gravity rides everything

We decided last night that our posts will stay together and try to work things out. My posts were having a bit of an identity problem so our posts will now have different fonts in order to differentiate easier. I'm really glad our posts decided not to break up.

Surfergirl (on has a look at the Iraq woman/marine mother hug that occured at the State of the Union address (the full article is here). I didn't see it (I boycotted to go knit with the ladies), but I heard about the hug and how the son's dogtags got tangled up in the Iraqi woman's button; she makes a really good point here:

It's a tiny moment, of course, a piece of political ephemera, this chance encounter of a button and a chain. But it struck me as I rewound and re-watched that hug that there couldn't be a better metaphor for our country's current position in Iraq; we want the best for the Iraqi people, really we do, but we're afraid of getting more tangled up than we intended, and we're wary of just how much we're willing to give away.

Well put.

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