Thursday, February 03, 2005

posting unconformities

It has come to my attention recently that Bodie and I have somewhat different posting styles and topics. I enjoy mixing it up a bit, but I also wonder if the blog is lacking an overall feeling or theme, as the feeling of bodie's posts are sometimes quite different than mine. We also realized last night that we are not the same person (I know, it's crazy but true), and do have differing opinions.

So here is the question I pose: do we split blogs? Maybe our posts should "take a break?" I'm not sure. I do enjoy opening up the blog every so often to see a new sneaky quote here and there. And it is nice to have someone posting if I want to take a day or two off. But if we had separate blogs that would be one more link to add to my blogroll to make it look like I have more friends. And Bodie could be as controversial as he wants...

1 comment:

countjrg said...

Generally, blogs are only as unique, weird, and diverse as you are, and I find that most blogs lack a general direction. I like the blog with both of you. That’s my 2 cents.