Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Long weekend

We went and saw Inside Deep Throat this weekend. It is a documentary on the cultural phenomenon that was Deep Throat and an examination of how the obscenity battle has been fought in America. It is hard to believe, but they make a pretty convincing case that the obscenity laws are stricter now than ever. I hightly reccomend the movie. It is rated NC-17, but that is for a few short scenes of nudity, and one shot from the movie of the star performing the rather amazing title act. It is not pornographic, but does utilize some shots from the movie.

Tom Tomorrow turned me on to an article this morning about how the US was helping Jordan and Turkey illegally buy oil from Iraq right up until we invaded. It sounds as though we had been complicit at least in knowledge that these countries had been buying illegal oil for years. If Iraq had the funds to persue WMDs (which they didn't, but we knew that) it is because we were allowing our "allies" to buy oil from them.

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